Protoculture Con Pre-Registration Now Open!
The day has finally arrived! Pre-registration for Protoculture Con is now open! Multiple levels are available bundled with promotional items like patches, coins, etc.
Harmony Gold in association with Monkey Paw Entertainment is pleased to announce that the Robotech Convention Tour will return to Phoenix, Arizona for Saboten Con! Saboten Con, is Arizona’s largest anime convention and is taking over downtown Phoenix with a weekend filled with panels, gaming, giveaways, workshops and autographs for Robotech and anime fans across the desert Southwest!
Toynami Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive Toys
Exclusive Robotech Toys from Toynami at Comic-Con 2015 celebrating 30 years of ROBOTECH
ROBOTECH.COM Security Breach! Hacked!
Unfortunately there has been a security breach at ROBOTECH.COM usernames, emails, and passwords have been compromised.
Sony Pictures Secures Robotech Rights
Sony has announced that it has secured the rights to Robotech and the studio plans to quickly develop a live-action movie. Not only that but views the project as a possible film franchise.

Not the exactly the news fans craving for more Robotech wanted to hear, but truth is truth and we're in the need to know so here it is.

Harmony Gold will postpone the next Robotech animated feature Shadow Chronicles: Shadow Rising until further development on the Robotech Live Action Film. Apparently Warner Brothers has enough pull to shoot down Tommy Yune's statement on the Space Station Liberty podcast about the Robotech Live-Action Movie not having an effect on continuing production of the animated series.

This stems from Xenophon's post on the Official Robotech Forums we discussed in our previous article. For now the fact is that Shadow Chronicles: Shadow Rising has been postponed until the Robotech Live-Action Movie gets in gear to Warner Brother's satisfaction. On the brighter side, a possible animation series might come out of the RLAM just like the Transformers did and hopefully HG is pulling resources to work closely on the RLAM.

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