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HG Postpones Shadow Rising Until Further Development of RLAM Print
Written by David Pena   
Monday, 02 June 2008 15:44

Not the exactly the news fans craving for more Robotech wanted to hear, but truth is truth and we're in the need to know so here it is.

Harmony Gold will postpone the next Robotech animated feature Shadow Chronicles: Shadow Rising until further development on the Robotech Live Action Film. Apparently Warner Brothers has enough pull to shoot down Tommy Yune's statement on the Space Station Liberty podcast about the Robotech Live-Action Movie not having an effect on continuing production of the animated series.

This stems from Xenophon's post on the Official Robotech Forums we discussed in our previous article. For now the fact is that Shadow Chronicles: Shadow Rising has been postponed until the Robotech Live-Action Movie gets in gear to Warner Brother's satisfaction. On the brighter side, a possible animation series might come out of the RLAM just like the Transformers did and hopefully HG is pulling resources to work closely on the RLAM.

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Scott Jacobs wrote on June 04, 2008
Title: I have only one thing to say....
MAKE THE DARN FILM ALREADY!!!! smilies/angry.gif
So we can get on with the regular continuity.
AND WHY DOESNT RT.COM have a single mention of this!!!

rtsurfer wrote on August 31, 2010
Title: So much for HG not postponing Shadow Rising...
Based on the most recent info I've seen, RLAM is apparently still in pre-production and has yet to be green-lighted by WB. Movies generally take 2 to 3 years to complete and release so it may be a while before we get RLAM and Shadow Rising.

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