NBA 2K21: Next-Gen Shooting Changes

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NBA 2K21: Next-Gen Shooting Changes was created by nba2k21

A lot is changing when 2K's basketball sim lands on the PS5 & Xbox Series X! NBA 2K21 brought tons of new features, and with next-gen consoles, 2K is shaking everything up once again with massive new upgrades to shooting.

Let's look at the key factors.

Pro Stick

The Pro Stick mechanics have been some of the most interesting and controversial changes 2K has made in a while.

Pro Stick shooting is going to continue to change as we enter the next console generation. Currently, the speed you flick the Pro Stick affects your target release point.

Arc Control

For next-gen, the stick speed will now also control the arc of your jump shot.

Players can now adjust the arc of their shot with their pro stick's speed, which can help avoid any closing out defenders getting a finger on the ball. You also get a small bonus for shooting with an ideal shot arc, so it’s important to be mindful of your initial stick throw's tempo to make sure you give yourself the best chance at making the shot.

Bank Shots

This is a debut feature for the series.

Fast flicks (or slightly aiming in the backboard) will also allow you to control bank shots. This works for layups too. If you're looking to go to the glass on a jumpshot or layup, you can now control it in NBA 2K21.

Shot meter changes

The shot meter is another NBA 2K21 hot topic.

The next-gen shot meter will get a new look and play an even bigger role in whether or not a shot sinks. For the next-gen, the shot meter will be much easier to read. The make window is now blue, and its size changes dynamically depending on how well the shot’s guarded and how good of a shooter the player is. There’s a new arrow at the top of the timing marker to make it easier to see visually.

The black notch inside the blue make window is your ideal timing window. That’s the new green release timing window. There will be new visual effects for the green release in next-gen. You can choose which one you want to see more in the Controller Settings.

Layup Improvements

Layup selection is smarter, detecting defensive threats and choosing the most open spot to layup when under the hoop.

As well, you'll have better control of your finishing angles with the pro stick. On top of this, there will be less usage of basic finishing animations, which opens the door for more offensive possibilities and necessitates smarter paint defense.

These above changes are coming to NBA 2K21 with next-gen consoles and affect shooting. If you still want more for next-gen information, Click here . In addition, you can also buy NBA 2k21 mt cheap here, 100% safe. With these mt coins, you can unlock more powerful gamers and construct a perfect team.
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