Quick Live Blogging Notes From Comic Con 2011 Robotech Industry Panel

7:05 PM: Battlepod on hold due to economic down turn. The shipping container that has the battlepods is on hold waiting for it to be full.

7:10 PM: Carl Macek documentary is finally finished. Renamed Carl Macek's Robotech Universe. Screening a portion of the work to the audience.

7:15 PM: Convention hall around 91% capacity.

7:21 PM: Tony Oliver makes it to the panel after his voice actors panel. Give the man some credit for sprinting across halls to make it to the RT panel!

Applause for introductions of Svea Macek and Tony Oliver.

Robotech Comics in China

Robotech in eBook form.

Now you can create your own deformed avatar on Facebook. Possible by Long Vo who is at the panel. Lil'Omi for Robotech @ Facebook. -- about time RT catches up to current events.

Live Action Film

Basically all the thing we already know. The word is still mum.

More Robotech

Showing new Robotech material having to turn cameras off (was just informed by staff to make sure my camera is turned off).

HG teams up with A&E Entertainment to release Robotech DVD sets. In stores by October 18 , 2011 17 disc boxed set. 15 hours DVD extras. $39.95 to $49.95 for each individual sagas. $99.95 for complete set -- www.robotech.com/newdvd

Robotech The Movie will be included as a extra. The remastered Southern Cross portion of Robotech Untold Story will be included in the DVD extras.

Finally after a technical fumble, Tommy shows audience the "Top Secret Promo."

Demo of soundtrack songs. Sound is crisp and clear with new-found master tapes.

Stay tuned for video of the panel on the RobotechX YouTube Channel robotechxmedia