Sony Pictures Secures Robotech Rights
Sony has announced that it has secured the rights to Robotech and the studio plans to quickly develop a live-action movie. Not only that but views the project as a possible film franchise.
Deadline Reports Robotech Live Action Movie Back Online
According to Deadline, Warner Brothers based producers Hollywood Gang have brought in Michael Gordon (300 and G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra) to revive the Robotech Live Action Movie project.
Robotech illustrated
Robotech Illustrated is a Terran periodical specializing in military, aerospace and transportation topics.
Robotech Chibi Skull Leader VF-1S in Military Gray - Toynami SDCC Exclusive
Protecting Earth from alien conquest has never been more adorable! Strap into your Veritech and get ready for the 30th Anniversary of Robotech in 2015!


Robotech Academy Miriya Roxor Macross Cosplay Robotech Illustrated

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