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RobotechX BoothMEMO and fan
Where to begin? Of course! The fan-run RobotechX booth. If might have been on short notice, but MEMO1DOMINION certainly put together a fantastic fan booth.

Decorated with Robotech items old and new: DVDs, comics, figures and other items were on display for the fans. Since this was the first year RobotechX set a fan booth, we were not sure how the public was going to respond. We were certainly surprised at the amount of people that actually knew about Robotech. Even shadowed by big names like STAR WARS and others, the fans knew what they liked: ROBOTECH.

A big thanks to all the fans who helped out with the booth itself and also Harmony Gold for allowing us to borrow the Shadow Chronicles banner. Before we get into the booth, we'll talk about what you really want to know.

So just what did they talk about in the ROBOTECH Industry Panel?

 Robotech Industry PanelRobotech Industry Panel

A lot of what was discussed in the panel was information most of us "active" fans already knew, with the exception of a couple items. But looking around and listening to the gasps of the audience, it is important for Harmony Gold to (what might seem like repeat the same information over and over) talk about the topics the casual ROBOTECH fan might otherwise not have known about.

Casual ROBOTECH fan you ask? Yes, while in line for the panel the line extended past the exit door and into the rear corridor of the convention center. Randomly asking people "do you know what ROBOTECH is?" Most replied, 'Yeah, I know what it is." This was really surprising, especially to those who have attended previous Comic Con years' ROBOTECH panels. As they commented that it was not like this at all last year. It was truly a sight to be proud of. The fan base is expanding.

Waiting in line for the panelWaiting in line for the panel



Tobey McGuire and Lawrence Kasdan confirmed
Producers Akiva Goldman (HANCOCK, I AM LEGEND), Charles "Chuck" Roven (BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT)
RLAM is currently only in development not production just yet, so no estimated date that HG can confirm. HG will not confirm anything until WB PR does so first.


Experimenting with 2D shading (crowd was a bit divided on split screen caps half liked CG the other 2D).
Most likely Shadow Chronicles after RLAM.


Yet again what we already knew, but it is important to contrast what can happen when production goes in the wrong direction.

That was about it for the panel, questions followed afterwards but Tommy Yune could not comment on questions that would givaway development spoilers. The most amazing part of the panel was the huge crowd that attended the panel!

Now what about the TUNA?

TUNA!!!Steven Yun wearing TUNA SOMBRERO

Ah yes, one of the fans came up with this great TUNA fish head sombrero. We decided to take in on the exhibit floor and see if people would recognize where the tune was from. Amazingly 6 out of 8 people knew that it was from the MACROSS SAGA. Steven Yun even wore the TUNA SOMBRERO on the panel.

It was a great day at the comic con and best of all a lot going for ROBOTECH and the fans. To see more images including MEMO1DOMINION "terrorizing" the exhibit hall with the TUNA SOMBRERO check out the Comic Con International 2008 Day 1 Gallery.


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