Thanks to Zor Master (George Samson) for contributing the Robotech schedule of events for Nan Desu Kan 2008. in conjunction with the 2008 Robotech Convention Tour, he will be presenting a Robotech Collector's booth located on the second floor mezzanine level of tower one in front of the video and panel rooms. 

Nan Desu Kan, September 12 - 14th, DTC Marriott  
Saturday & Sunday - Robotech Collecting booth

Display by George Samson: In conjunction with the 2008 Robotech Tour, there will be a Robotech Collectors booth located on the second floor mazzanine level of tower one in front of the video and panel rooms. Be sure to stop by the display to check out various Robotech collectibles made over the franchise's history. Robotech guests Tommy Yune and Steve Yun will be on hand at various times throughout the convention to sign autographs, take pictures, and talk to fans.

Saturday 10 am - Macross 25 years and Beyond - (I will be bringing some of my favorite Macross collectibles from over the years to this panel)

Panel hosted by John Walker: "This is not an anti-Robotech panel for some reason everybody thinks a Macross panel is going to be all about how Macross is great and Robotech sucks and that is not the point of the panel. I love Robotech it's the show that got me into anime but there will be plenty of Robotech stuff already. It is about Macross and when I say Macross I mean the entire Macross Universe. So we will discuss Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Macross Zero, the new series currently airing on Japanese TV Macross Frontier, and yes even Macross II. Also we will talk a little bit about the music of Macross including Minmei, Sharon Apple, Fire Bomber, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee. So if your a fan or just want to know more about the shows come join us at our panel."

Saturday 1 pm - The Giant Robot Rumble

Panel host Tommy Yune: Remember when you were in elementary school and you argued with your friends about whether Voltron or Optimus Prime would win in a fight? Well, prepare for the mother of all nerdy panels as's Steve Yun hosts a tournament where panelists and attendees argue and vote over which robots would win such a bout. Sixteen robots will enter the arena, but only one will emerge as the victor!

Saturday 3 pm - Robotech Collcting Past and Present

Panel host George Samson - Panel will be held across from the display in the Humboldt Room. Join the Harmony Gold staff and Myself as we share anecdotes and showcase the good, bad, and the outrageously funny of Robotech merchandising through the decades. Answer Robotech Trivia and win cool prizes!

Saturday 4 pm

Panel host Tommy Yune, director of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, covers the history of the animated series that introduced a generation to anime, and also discusses upcoming new releases in the wake of the announcement of the live action feature film.

Sunday 11 am - Robotech Free-For-All

Panel host Tommy Yune Did you miss the previous panels? Still have last-minute questions about the past, present or future of Robotech? Here is your chance to get them answered!

Sunday Afternoon - Robotech Luncheon

Would you like to dine with Tommy and Steve? Stop by the booth for more information on a special luncheon with the Robotech crew!