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some people only have a head to keep their ears apart

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Peter Young created the topic: some people only have a head to keep their ears apart

Just like to get a small inconvenience of my chest.

At the moment I'm only parttime employed in my own field, so I decided to work two days a week as a mail deliverer. Used to be my Saturday job as a student. Always liked it. Still do, actually. I find the walking a pleasant counter-weight for my other desk-bound activities.

Apparently I had delivered something at the right number in the wrong street a week ago. My bad, hate it when that happens, personal and professional pride etc.

The complainer had filled in the form on the website and it got forwarded to me. So I had the mispleasure of actually reading the nowadays typical way of expressing one's mispleasure via digital forms of communication.

It annoys me, because about a month ago, right before that adress, right before the front door, there was a scaffolding. Mail deliverers are allowed to return mail if a mailbox is full or otherwise blocked, but being old school, I actually bothered to step through it and put the mail in.

And I cannot help but wonder how the person who made the complaint would feel if someone had responded in a similar way to him after making a mistake.


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