3D and CARDBOARD models

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I have made a fighter aircraft which is transformable mecha.
The aircraft design is based on a transformable fighter BLUE MAX
from Robotech: Tigercat and Robotech: Variants comic series.


Ultraviolet blueprint

Historical background:

After the Crash of SDF-1 Soviet Union started to collect informations about mysterious alien robotechnology.Through extensive use of espionage they have obtained many informations about robotechnology.They applied robotechnology on existing Su-27 .

ultraviolet over desert

Design and transformation:

Soviet aerospace engineers did not manage to create all modes of transformation.
The new fighter can only transform in guardian.Soviets acquired a few Battlepod wrecks after Zentraedi attacked the SDF-1.They have merged electronics from Battlepod with Su-27's airframe and IRST .Improvements from Battlepod changed the shape of canopy( enclosed canopy without external view with Huge sensors).

ULtraviolet in guardian mode

The transformable fighter is named ULTRAVIOLET.Performances of ULTRAVIOLET in fighter mode are slightly better than regular,non-transformable Su-27.In the guardian mode ULTRAVIOLET is capable to fight against Main battle tanks and ground mecha.

Transformation from fighter to guardian



R-73 and R-77 missiles.
Unguided bombs.
Rocket Pods.
Soviet copy of GU-11 gun pod .

Operational history

Soviet Union used ULTRAVIOLET for testing and evaluation purposes only.After the Zentraedi Rain of Death EBSIS used ULTRAVIOLET in minor skirmishes against Robotech Defense Force.ULTRAVIOLETS were heavily used against TBP-Z1 Battlepods of the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

Battle between ultraviolet and TBP-Z1

Simple and Rugged design extended the service life of ULTRAVIOLET.They were used against Invid mecha with more or less success.Some of the ULTRAVIOLETS survived the Third Robotech War.Accurate locations of the remaining ULTRAVIOLETS are Unknown.
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In elementary school I made a bunch of Transformers out of construction paper

They even transformed and made me popular for a week or two
"Offers that are selected that the deposit paid the amount that we do not decide, or the pool, sipping mulled wine, and in addition you can play table tennis, there is one drawback, I do not have rights." - random spambot (translated)
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