Check out the new fan site by Tim Wong which is a slight reboot of the old Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. The website features tons of articles and art work by the author. If you love the technical aspect of Robotech, you will enjoy this website. You can also find Robotech Illustrated's Facebook Page.

Robotech Invasion Fan Film

So whatever happened to Patricio Mosquera's -- the artist who produced the extra animation for Robotech Love Live Alive -- promising ROBOTECH Invasion fan film? The latest according to him on our forums is that the project was sent to HG as a proposal after the failed Robotech Academy Kickstarter. Currently Patricio is waiting for a favorable decision. However if the project is not accepted by HG, plans are to continue as a fan film. Either way it looks good for Robotech fans as the product should be released. Good luck to Patricio.

CaptainJLS Talks A&E

Like Roy Fokker once said "This ROBOTECH thing is so EXCITING I just couldnt give it up, it just  gets in your blood or something..." Alright that may be pushing it, but CaptainJLS Vlogs on his YouTube Channel why you might consider the new Robotech A&E Home Entertainment DVD boxed set.

Jonathan talks at length about A&E Home Video's October-launching all-new Robotech DVD box set -- why you might want it, what we know about it, and more importantly, what we DON'T know about it.

[Thanks rtsurfer for the heads up!]

Valkyrie Project

You've read about the newest live action fan film ROBOTECH: Valkyrie Project, now its time for the teaser! Head on over to YouTube or click on the read more link to view the trailer.

Robotech, Valkyrie Project

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Joseph Yeo's Mospeada Upgrade video

This one goes out to you New Gen fans! Coming all the way from South Korea, check out Joseph Yeo's take on the transmforming Cyclone in the video titled 3D Motion Graphics Reel -- Mospeada Upgrade that took over a year to complete.

[video: 400x300]

You can find more of Joseph's videos on his blog site and YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Lobizon for the heads up!


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