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Interested in the San Diego Comic Con International 2008 but can't acually be there? Well my friends, you are in luck! Due to available resources, RobotechX will be able to provide you with a day-by-day look of the convention. This includes preview night. Still want to go? Think you can make it last minute? You should forget about it because the event registration is CLOSED AND SOLD OUT. This thing keeps getting bigger every year!

You can check out for live photos of the Comic Con. At the end of the day we will post key images of what happened at the comic con.

For those who managed to register you'll want to check out the Robotech Industry Panel which will be held from 6:45pm-7:45pm in Room 6B.

Here is a the link to what the comic con website calls "Fast Facts" that should get you started on what is happening and all you need to know to have an enjoyable time:

Hope to see you there!

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