comic con 2008 Carl Macek and Tommy Tune @ RobotechX Fan Booth

Let it sink in fans! The man himself who is responsible for introducing anime to America, the man who brought the best series of all time: Mr. Carl Macek. Appropriately enough signing autographs and talking with fans at the RobotechX fan booth. Many thanks go out to Tommy Yune (Harmony Gold) for making this possible.For the Spanish fans Jesus Barrero, the voice of Rick Hunter/Scott Bernard in the Spanish dub also made an appearance. 

Carl Macek Interacting with fans Jesus Barrero Spanish Voice Dub Actor

Carl Macek happily signed autographs and talked it up with fans about ROBOTECH and so did Jesus Barrero. It seems that the RobotechX Fan Booth has been a success! Thanks to all the fans who came out to support the booth.



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