Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (English Version)

For many years DYRL fans in the West had to contend with butchered English-dubbed version of DYRL known as Clash of Bionoids.
Dedicated Macross fans has since come up with various of English subtitled DYRL available on many online vid download sites, whose works later copied unscrupulously by Hong Kong DVD pirates in selling pirated DYRL DVDs with complete English subs.
Nevertheless, dedication of Macross fans never ceases to amazed me. In the continuation of the spirit by Macross fans for Macross fans, their hardwork & selfless contribution has bring us perhaps the ONLY COMPLETE VIABLE unofficial English dubbed DYRL to the masses. The fact they managed to get Cristina Vee, an up & coming anime & game voice over artist onboard the project as Lynn Minmay is very compelling!

Dark Heroes Entertainment Presents:

Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Hikaru Ichijo: Hikuro
Misa Hayase: Mippa
Lynn Minmay: Cristina Vee
Roy Fokker: LioinelRGuy
Max Jenius: Hawkeye_GGK
Miriya: MagicKaito
Hayao Kakizaki: Cypher
Breetia: Shockdingo
Exadore: Timelord
Gorg Badolza: Cypher
Lynn Kaifun: Jack Cox
Claudia La'Salle: Cassa
Lap Lamiz: Fruitfly
Bruno Global: Chronocrossed
Vanessa: Aleema
Shammy: Scarlotte
Khim:Lil Menchi
Kamjin: Hikuro
News Reporters: Sullimike, Hikuro
Announcer: JasonC
Engineers: Sullimike, WillG
Launch Crew: Hikuro
Waiter: Fyrespawn
Zentraedi: Sullimike, WillG, Chillyche, Hikuro, Fyrespawn
Meltrandi: Cassa
Song Writers: Fyrespawn, JasonC
Minmay Fan: Hikuro


Head on to RTX Macross Forum, under topic MACROSS DYRL to watch the Masterpiece! Happy viewing!

New Macross Defence Institute is back!

Just a heads up. New Macross Defence Institute version 2.0 is now up @ RTX fanfic forum board. 

Currently updated articles available are:

- Zentraedi Martial Art

- Genesis: Global Civil War

- Genesis: 1st RT War.

Other installments will follow suits. Comments, opinions & constructive criticism are most welcomed.

Thank you for your patience.



Finally got this ole dog to hunt

And here I is....
Seriously though, and for those that may be wondering I do understand and occasionally even speak in proper English.
Recently got promoted and fielded my first Warhammer 40k Army.  It's the 3rd Company Ultramarines.  So far they have won the only battle they entered.  Hopefully their luck will continue.

It's been awhile...

Hey everyone...Well lets start with the bad  news...Lancer is getting a divorce...

Now that that is done, I am here listening to Journey's "Don't stop believing" which is kind of a theme song right now for me.  I am just trying to live 1 day at a time, which is hard for a guy like me who always want "to look away, to the future. Not looking at where he is...what he is doing" (If you don't know who said that then you deserve a smack w/ a wet noodle)  Oh and I got a new computer so I want to do these things more often now, and I want to do a webcast since this thing has a webcam on it. 

Ok now for the RT stuff...Its now the end of summer and so far Kevin & Co. have not really come out w/ anything new w/ RLAM.  I guess no news is good news but you know when we heard about Iron Man a lot of ppl were skeptical and we didnt hear a lot about that. (Hey my Itunes is now playing the Theme of RT) Yes I know random...Anyways I know all of us is looking forward to this movie and I just hope that Kevin and Tommy (bcuz I asked them both) will let the director or ask the director to let me host a behind the scenes look at RLAM.  For just a uber geek in RT that would be sooo COOL!!!!

Anyways lets hope the next news we get will be something about a director.


Oh on a personal note, Memo's son will be surgery next month, so if you could say a prayer, or something spiritual or just give best wishes to Memo that would be cool...Hey Memo, give your son a fist pump from Lancer buddy!


Lancer Out!

#25 is Coming!

Lancer here after a brief hiatus...

 We fans are coming up w/ a Fan convention of Robotech 25th Anniversary.  Now what would make this convention a success?  Well I know that we have to join forces w/ other Sci-fi genres to make this work so that means Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, maybe something else w/ Robotech.  Now besides the usual suspects of voice actors, HG guys and other anime people, I think we also need Michael Bradley & his band, I would like to have the ENTIRE Macross V. A.s also I would like to have some kind of booth for fans to show off their collection of RT, BSG, B5...You know that M. Strazyski would be nice as well as EP of BSG.  Macek & Co. would be cool for RT.  

 Now right now I am just spitballing but for this to be a RAGING success it needs to have something SPECTACULAR!  I mean 25 yrs is a long time and a big deal, maybe getting some of the writers of RTLAM or Tobey Maguire to come out and talk about why he is wanting to do RTLAM and what character he wants to play (if he wants to play in it).  

Anyhoo, this 25 is coming and I for one will be there.  Memo if you are reading this let me know what I can do to help because I am sooo there.


Lancer Out!