Back in Dolza space fortress, follows by his failure to recapture the micronian captives, Breetai is relieved of the SDF-1 retrieval mission, & Dolza entrusts 502nd Meltran Assault Fleet - Azonia Laplamiz Command & its infamous Meltran Armored Air Assault Division - Miriya Parino Command to link up & taking over command of Breetai's 101st Assault Combined Fleet & Khyron's Botoru Division in Sol-system. This latest twist of event infuriates Khyron Kravshera, who long resents Meltrandi (female Zentraedi) supremacy in various armed conflicts Zentraedi have ever faced. Khyron shows his displeasure of perceives Azonia's usurpation to Breetai's command by repeatedly ignores her orders not to harm SDF-1. On Azonia part, Khyron open disobedience is a major liability as he continues to undermine her commanding capabilities, clearly as if she is the incompetent leader unfit to command the Zentraedi forces in Sol-system. In one of her direct confrontational bouts with Khyron, SDF-1 manages to punch through the Zentraedi blockade in March 2010 CE & returns to Earth, landing in Pacific Ocean safely.

Realising that Zentraedi troops morale at all time low, Azonia Laplamiz discreetly plans for the elimination of SDF-1 top pilots & asserts her control over Khyron's unruly Botoru Division (which includes eliminating Khyron if necessary) by using one of her top field commanders, Miriya Parino - the best pilot in the entire Zentraedi Armada. Miriya Parino has experience against the micronian foes during her first mission in inserting several Zentraedi spies aboard SDF-1, is also known for her ignorance to inter-rivalries that oft played out amongst Zentraedi High Command. Azonia feels that it is high time for SDF-1 defenders to feel the Meltrandi stings.

Her plans are put immediately, albeit cautiously & discreet. However, as usual, Khyron the Backstabber has another plan, one that will ultimately bring Azonia Laplamiz downfall, & to get Miriya Parino off his tail as to brush off any potential obstacle of his ultimate objective; the destruction of SDF-1.

As inter-rivalries between Zentraedi top commanders threaten the loyalties of troops in the alien fleet, SDF-1 Captain Henry Gloval accompanying by Lt. Cmdr Lisa Hayes are whisk off to UEDC Command Center in Alaska to present their findings & petition to allow 70 000 Macross City refugees to disembark to the General Staffs. Politic plays it hands as UEDC High Command unanimously rejects Gloval's petition as the sudden appearances of thousands of Macross City's citizens long declare as dead will creates a worldwide distrust over UEG credibility, not to mention the panic & chaos if the presence of possible hostile alien fleet hovers above Earth orbit is disclosed. Meanwhile, Khyron foils Azonia's surprised attack by launching of his own unauthorised assault on SDF-1 in the Pacific. As the assault is later repelled, Captain Gloval fears that another attack by Zentraedi forces will ultimately jeopardize the safety of the refugees aboard SDF-1.

In April 2010, SDF-1 forces suffer a terrible blow as Azonia launches her delayed plan to attack SDF-1. Several top pilots & aces are killed in Miriya's Quadronos forces first direct assault, including SDF-1's Commander Air Group, Roy Fokker. Captain Gloval's own fears come through as Miriya battles her way deep inside SDF-1, into Macross City population center. Despite the fact that 3rd Lt. Maximillian Sterling later bests the Quadrono leader, Miriya's intrusion shows how vulnerable the safety of the civilians despite the fact they are safely cocooned inside the battlefortress. As SDF-1 mourns the deaths of her top aces, Gloval sets his plan to resettle the refugees into motion.



Fearing that Zentraedi confrontations with SDF-1 forces may spill out wider to other areas, UNDF forces stationed around Pacific region are given strict orders by UEDC High Command not to send reinforcements to the battered SDF-1 valiant troops. As the real story of the actual events regarding SDF-1 & Macross City a year ago begin to leak worldwide, the world populace start to question UEG & UNDF abilities to fend off alien attacks. UEG propaganda arms continue to feed false rumors & inaccurate reports over the incident, but public outcries following UEG decision regarding the fate of the refugees stowed aboard SDF-1 grew much stronger.

In May 2010, in Captain Gloval desperate attempt to force the UEG’s hand regarding the fates of the refugees, SDF-1 begin low flights above North American cities, while broadcasting Gloval’s demand over uncoded frequencies. In that instance, the tight fabricated stories strewn together by UEG political apparats fall apart. Canadian Government later approves & agrees to receive SDF-1’s refugees where the City of Toronto in Ontario Quadrant is the main relocation center for the refugees. Unfortunately, Khyron forces launch another unauthorized assault to SDF-1, where his cruisers pound salvoes towards the battered battlefortress, which results in the overload of the ship’s omni-directional barrier defense system. The aftermath is disastrous as it causes a complete destruction of innocent civilian lives & properties within 25-mile radius. The Canadian Government withdraws its offer following the event.

The world’s public opinions are also changed following the recent carnage in Ontario Quadrant, which swing in favor of UEG. UEDC immediately issues orders to all UNDF military outposts strewn all over the world to shoot down SDF-1 if the battlefortress ever flew over UEG & its affiliated nations’ airspace. Sir Robert A. Rhysling - UEG Prime Minister with the backing of UNDF Field Marshal Commander Donald Hayes & UEDC High Command, immediately issue order & ultimatum that SDF-1 shall sortie away from Earth to keep the Zentraedi forces at bay, shall the SDF-1 refuses to so, it will ultimately faces UNDF guns. The fates of the refugees are also sealed as they alongside SDF-1 crews & personnels are considered as expendable.

As SDF-1 begins loading supplies for her yet another voyage to deep space, a great disturbance occurs in Sol-system, as untold numbers of alien gargantuan ships emerge from massive folds. Breetai Kridanik has return to finish his job.

What is next for Lancer & Robotech?

Installment #3 of the Mind of Lancer...


As I come closer to my B-Day (Oct 9) I think about where my life is and what Robotech has meant to me in this life.  I look at my Shrine O'Robotech and see all of my Books, RPGs, CDs, Masterpiece Collections, YGO Custom Playmat, and of course my Prized Possesion an Autographed poster from Macek and Ahmed Agrama dated Aug. '86 framed on my wall.  I think about all the cool new friends I have met and just thinking to myself...Dude if in 1985 when I first saw this awesome show that I would have met the Creator/Director, Chief Artist, Michael Bradley and know people of Harmony Gold on a 1st name basis in 20yrs...I would've thought I was nuts!

Well here we are almost 25yrs later, and I do know MB, and Tommy Yune, and others and I have met a lot of the voice actors and have met a lot of friends who were geeked out on this like me growing up and I am blogging on and and Dude I am married to a hottie of a wife and WOW!!! I am a happy and lucky guy.

 Now I just hope I get to do behind the scenes stuff w/ Radioactive Mouse for RLAM (Hint Hint) and other things for Harmony Gold.

I also hope that the RLAM will be a total success and can genuinely say that hey I was a fan of this stuff from the beginning!

"Robotech is God...Robotech is Life" I said that and don't you forget it ;)

Lancer Out!



Follow by Azonia's inability to capture SDF-1, while precariously holds the loyalties of combined Zentraedi troops under her command in check, Zentraedi High Command decides to put Breetai Kridanik back in charge of SDF-1 reclamation mission, with an added bonus, together with the command of 1 million strong ships of Adoclass Imperial Fleet. Never before in the entire Zentraedi Armada's history, a force of such magnitude being assembled (apart from the 800,000 ships under Dolza command assembled & bombards a Disciples of Zor's rebel colony back in 1520 CE), comprising of the elites of the Zentraedi forces. Dolza has finally taken the micronian threats seriously basing from findings bring forward by Breetai Kridanik & Exedore Formo, follows by sporadic reports by Azonia Laplamiz in Sol-system. Thus, in June 2010, the great fleet arrives; whose arrival is closely scrutinized by visibly surprised & frightened UEG back on Earth.

However, fate has something in store waiting for the Imperial Fleet arrival in Sol-system. A group of Zentraedi spies infiltrating Zor's ship during SDF-1's successful entry to Earth months earlier, begin their observation of micronian society & culture, while mapping out the vulnerable areas of the vast internal SDF-1 structure. During their brief stay, the motley crew is bewildered & enamors with micronian way of life, even manages to live off & fit in with the displaced Macross City's refugees. Soon enough, they developed a penchant in collecting (or stealing) micronian artifacts for the purpose of study & observations (oddly enough, a large number of their artifacts features Lynn Minmay, a celebrity in Macross City aboard SDF-1). With their fascination over human culture that differs greatly from the strict, regimental life Zentraedi have known, it worth to mention that the motley crew manages not to carry another important objective of their mission, as saboteurs. If they have carry out several sabotage activities aboard SDF-1, the outcome of the war will be different. The spies return to the Imperial Fleet hovers above Earth with emotional & psychological baggage - things that make us human. A wheel is set in motion soon after the briefing between the spies & Commander Breetai.

The spies, whose action are hail as heroes following by their arguably successful mission within enemy lines, soon create a cult whose idol is a micronian propagandist, a certain Lynn Minmay. Armed with various smuggled audiovisual devices centers solely on Minmay, the cult grow out of proportions, infects the entire vaunted Imperial Fleet within mere weeks. Exaggerated stories of the mysteries surrounding micronian mating rituals, the wonders of micronian way of life, goddess-like stature Minmay possesses are penetrating every Zentraedi ears, albeit veils in secrecy. Perhaps most importantly, the cultural contamination main catalysts have brought a new wonder aboard the Breetai's flagship, an a/v device known as television. It is not long before every ship within the fleet intercepts & tunes in to MBS (Macross Broadcasting Station) channel, which airs untold number of Minmay appearances & performances, plus a full view of micronian cultures in its glory. Regular broadcast feature reruns of Miss Macross Pageant & romantic soap operas awaken the sensual awareness amongst the opposite sexes within the fleet. All these changes go unnoticed & flourish under the very noses of fleet commanders, even Breetai.

In January 2011, the 1st motion picture produce in space - stars by Lynn Minmay, ‘Zhao Bai Long' (Small White Dragon) premieres aboard SDF-1. Breetai & his fleet advisor, Exedore view the intercepted movie transmission with keen interest as other fleet commanders within his giant armada, without knowing that lesser Zentraedi troopers also have access to the transmission. That movie cements & elevates Minmay status higher within Zentraedi eyes & ears, as reports of dereliction of duties & lax of disciplines amongst the troops begins to pour in. The cultural contamination within the Imperial Fleet is complete.

Decided to pay full retail

So i decided to finally break down and purchase THE FORCE UNLEASHED for its newly released full retail value. Ah well, I actually downloaded the demo on XBOX Live and man, it was one of the best games I have played thus far.

Its really interesting how your character can pick up objects using "the force" and tossing them around. Still haven't had a chance to play it, possibly tomorrow after work. 

I also found out that the XBOX 360 is down to $199, called the Arcade package I believe. Too lazy to actually look it up and confirm this on google, so you'll have to do that yourselves if you are interested.

 With any hope, tomorrow I shall play!