Robotech by James Cameron???

Ok...So I saw Avatar, and its going to top Titanic in sales...The story wasnt all that but the Grafx OMG!!!  I mean come on Battloids and Smurfs on Steriods?? Who knew???? 

Now what if and this is what if...Cameron and RLAM??  With the same budget as Avatar, and I think that the Macross Storyline is just a tad better than Avatar' whats the problem??  I mean everyone already saw robots and giant aliens, I mean this is win win...If people loved Avatar...they will be GAGA over RLAM, and RT has a better story.

Now I know Hollyweird will not see it that way, cuz its a Japanese thing but I dont see the difference of 9ft tall Smurfs and 60' tall Humanoids.  

Just a bug in someones ear...hehehe