Uniform and other stuff.

Alright! So I'm now beginning to work with some materials and my mother to figure out how to properly put this Uniform together. (it's the RDF Officer's uniform) 


Right now it's getting the skills needed from my mother who was a seamstress and figuring out how this will fit together. When we get a good one done we will use it to create a pattern to make the final project with. 

I will post pictures when I have something recognizeable put together. It may take awhile though as time and money are very pinched right now.


I'm also looking for a way to "stiffen up" my Destroid figure so I can do some stop motion work with it. Looking forward to playing with it some but right now it's too floppy to work and I'd rather avoid using clay.

Live action short UPDATE

A year or two back, Tana Sarnt, myself and our film crew set out to make one of the first live action Robotech fan films. Although we had professional actors, top notch camera gear and the fact that all of the live action footage did get shot, the project fell apart. However I would like to show off some of the fx shots that were made, in addition to some other shots I have been toying with. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUVQSzmEkiBllY8iGZ2bB-kVmX7Wax_V3   Enjoy.


Has it been a month already? Goodness time sure flies by...
Well on that note I hope everyone had a nice Thanks Giving and are looking forward to Christmas =]
well those of you who aren't scrooges or so to speak =p
I do have to admit I love the Holidays, it just gets me  in a good mood, and I do hate shopping but I love looking at Christmas stuff, so whenever I do go shopping I try to make it worth while by looking at all the Christmas decorations and whatnot.

Well anyways, I've got a few new updates. Well enough to suffice for a blog update anyways.

Latest Works of Art

Love Story
- A  romantic type portrait of William and Victoria done in a vintage scrap book type of style.  Also I found I was lacking in pictures of those two together and had been wanting to do one for the longest time.

- A poster style type of image featuring the Zyrian trio and their Egyptian god like alias.  I had also been wanting to do something new with them but had trouble figuring out just what would work. Anyways characters are; Arzel, her alias: Sekhmet -Egyptian Goddess of war.
Bhor, his alias: Anubis - God of the dead, and Zoal's alias is Horus - God of war whom is also "The one above all". Also centered in the portrait is one of their symbols; The eye of Horus. It's featured in many areas of their space ship and especially engraved on their mecha.
Latest Chapter

Chapter 17: Fulminant Demise

Latest Comic Updates

Page 9 & 10 coming soon!

Other big news of somewhat an importance.. I finally caved in and bought myself a wacom cintiq.  If you haven't a clue what the hell that is, you can see it here. But yes I bought myself one and should be getting it in the mail shortly. I'm very excited because I had been wanting one of these since I first heard about them.  I'm also happy to say that with this thingamajigger, I should be able to get some works done a lot faster, and hopefully without getting to into and vomiting details everywhere. I have a bad habit of doing that for some reason.

Well that takes care of this month's slew of updates! Have a good day, and if I don't update till next month, then have a great Christmas!

Updates for this month

Well, here's the updates for this month
can't make this too long since I've got work in 20 mins heh

Two new comic pages!

Phonus Balonus


I expect to have page 11 done shortly
no more two month gaps between updates..
that was brutal!

I've been busy so havent finished a lot of my planned works of art, but here is one that I did finish

"Those Eyes" - Victoria's Bio page illustration for the book project
lots of character paintings like this one to do! "warning" image is VERY large and highly detailed!

The site gallery was also recently updated and I added a section for WIP's
and sketches, along with a scraps section for those works of art that just didn't work for me, in other words.. the rejects!

well that's all I have to update with right now... more stuff to come!
just need more free time heh



I've decided to continue using this blog, but  it will be our little secret okay?  Hopefully this will make someone happy..... *looks around*   These blogs aren't even that noticeable on the front page, even more so most of the attention goes to the forum and the current drama. yadda yadda, shall I continue?
Well within the past four or five months, I forget which... the Atlantech website has gotten its own doman name, a nice and neat revamping, along with other thingamajiggers I added.
let's see, ah yes there are lots of new chapters too, forget where I last left off, when I was posting them on the forum.

ah well here are the latest

Chapter 14: Evanesce
Chapter 15: The Interlopers
Chapter 16: Card Shark

They've all be converted into html file types so I'd have more room on the site, but unfortunately during this process I lost a lot of the formatting especially the italics *curses*
Chapter 17 is in the works, and should be completed and posted by the end of November, or Early December.

Here's the latest in the web comic pages
Page 6: Oscar Wilde
Page 7: Hooliganism
Page 8: Hard Boiled

9 is in the works, and I hope to have it done by Early December.

Here's some of the latest artwork I've finished

Portraiture - vintage looking painting of Victoria Thompson

Effloresce - Art Nouveau style picture of Lynne Williams

Also, currently I am doing a chapter analysis on the story, and have already done chapter 1 while working on 2 and so on.  This will give anyone who hasn't read a kind of a heads up on what happened and whatnot.  That thread can viewed here

*note* most of this content I am sharing with you minus the written chapters, will be published in book form and available online via amazon & Barnes & Noble sometime later next year.   It will be the first book project I put together myself, so there's going to be lots of work to do.   If it gets done in time before comic con 2010, I might have it available there
just will have to work out some kind of deal, but that's a definite "if" right now.

Hope you enjoyed this update, and I will continue to use this blog from now on
updates, news and other crapola can be found at the official website.

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