Atlantech: Curse of the Zergyx

Atlantech RPG Book For those of you who have been enjoying Lynn (a.k.a. HappyPenguins) Williams' ATLANTECH storyline, it has just gotten better. The RPG book in collaboration with Adam Schiller is now available via Indy Planet.

With over 100 pages filled with original art. The RPG book tells you just about everything you wanted to know about the ATLANTECH UNIVERSE and its characters.

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The 118 page standard size black and white paperback RPG book is a collaborated project between Adam Schiller and Lynn Williams that took about four months to complete. 

The Atlantech Role-Playing game is not only the perfect way to step-into a "space opera" world of the future where your own characters nudge elbows with jazz-era starlets and alien marauders, but also a fully-developed guide to a science fiction universe like none other.

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Info on all your favorite characters from Brian Smith to Nepheria.

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If you like a Robotech-like story for a mature audience with a jazzy theme, then this is right up your alley.

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Atlantech: Curse of the Zergyx $9.99 (available through Indy Planet)