ROBOTECH: The Untold Story Remastered + The Sentinels Remastered

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ROBOTECH: The Untold Story Remastered + The Sentinels Remastered was created by darkspire17

Hello everyone. id like to officialy announce ive started a project to remaster the first 2 robotech films.
using various media (official and bootlegs) to reconstruct the films and have them released to the public.

First off id like some help with this project.
if you have any media or info reguarding on episodes of southern cross used in the ntold story
and several scenes from megazone 23 international.

Reguarding the sentinels.
it will be created using new transfers from my UK vhs, using scenes from the DVD for color correction.
there will be 2 options. 1 being the OVA style as seen in the final film. and 2 being a 3 episode mini series bassed off the original scripts (along witha new prolouge recapping the past events leading up to the sentinels.
it will also contain a comantary track from caral macek, a voice-less audiotrack (just music and sounds) and a brand new music only track using music from the 30th anniversary soundtrack

The problems.

The problem is, is that i dont have acess to megazone 23 part 2 international (for the aditional footage added at the start for robotch the movie) and do not have high quality audio for the untold story.
also im looking for the font used in the untold story

if anyone could help me find what im looking for it would realy help me speed up this project

A trailer will be posted today for the announcement.
please stay tunes
(sorry for my grammar issues and spelling)
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