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funny coincidence was created by Peter Young

Two years ago, on a Friday, I was working at home and to my surprise I got it finished by the end of the morning, earning me an unexpected early weekend.

I had been using Wikipedia as a starting point (the notes and external references at the and of the pages can be quite helpfull). As a way to 'cool down' I filled in a few random search terms, one of which was the name of some cartoon I remembered seeing once as a kid and never again, no idea why i came into mind.

Yes, that was Ropbotech, but unlike a few years earlier, when I first and last visited the page, now there was a section on 'unfinished projects, one of which had much in common with thar one Robotech cartoon that had actually been aired in the Netherlands...

So I saw Sentinels again and became a fan!

If something not that big coincidentally occurs on a date easy to remember (like a national holiday, or the birthday of someone you now, or..), it gets very easy to remember. It happened to be Friday the thirteenth.

Today, I had two work-related events I could attend. Untill yesterday, I did not know which it would be. The one I'm going to is only in the afternoon, which means that AGAIN, on a Friday half February, I get an unexpected free-half day....

I might have put 'Sentinels' on to remember. But apart from only thinking of this five minutes ago and having to catch the train in an hour, I find that pass-times, among other activities in life, deserve one's full attention. I would not have been in the 'relax'-mood fiction deserves. Still, I find it a funny coincidence.
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Remember those old Magnavox Pong consoles, the big yellow ones with black knobs?

I do! I totally had one of those. I played it every morning in between Speed Racer, and some other cartoon that seemed in retrospect to be a lot like GI Joe, only GI Joe wasn't even invented yet so I have no idea WTF it actually was. I played Pong during the Dukes of Hazard cartoon, which pissed me off even at the age of 4 because Boss Hog was always throwing pink money around, and I knew that money wasn't pink.

Looking back, maybe the tint on the tv was just off. You don't notice that when you're MOTHERFUCKING PLAYING PONG
"Offers that are selected that the deposit paid the amount that we do not decide, or the pool, sipping mulled wine, and in addition you can play table tennis, there is one drawback, I do not have rights." - random spambot (translated)
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