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MACROSS/ROBOTECH Fan since 1995... was created by Tasuke

Hello. while i've been a MACROSS fan for a good 25 years now, -since my early/mid-teens about late-1995-
technically, i've been aware of it at least since my mid/late Tweenhood, about 1989/1990.

back then, i was no more than about 8 or 9, and a nephew, that i hung around with frequently,
had this cardboard box with "Misc." scrawled on it lying around in his closet. he let me look in it one day, and it just so happened to have this really neat-looking F-14 TOMCAT-like Sci-Fi jet fighter in it.

he told me that it was a "VEXAR" and, when he was about to move out on his own,
he gave me all of his leftover toys and such, including that "VEXAR" Fighter.

i have only vague memories there, but i recall that, being the ham-handed boy i was,
and, being the delicate plastic model that it was, it didn't last too terribly long. life wen't on.

fast forward to around X-Mas '95, when me and my father took a trip to see my grandma,
and we took the opportunity to stop by the hobby shop he used to frequent
back when we lived in that city in the 80's. i had a look around, centering on the Import Model section,
with several cool Japanese Mecha kits catching my eye. chief among them, this;

well, that was just the absolute coolest thing i had seen in a long time!! it was like $7.50 and i simply HAD to have it!!

though this was, technically, my second MACROSS/ROBOTECH-related item, it was definitely the impetus that well and truly got the ball rolling on my gradually mounting fandom...
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Replied by jeanie on topic MACROSS/ROBOTECH Fan since 1995...

The toys were the first Robotech thing I saw, too. Imagine trying to cobble together a storyline from the little bios on the figures!
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