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Wonder Woman was created by Peter Young

This morning I read a review of the Wonder Woman movie. The closing sentences:

"At some point she might seem naive. She thinks the war will stop simply by defeating Ares, the god of war. On the other hand, she is an idealistic person who wants to change the world for the better. Quite refreshing compared to the cynicism of many other super hero movies."


Even as a teenager in the nineties, I lost my interest in X-men-related comics because of the cynicism. Unfortunately, that became the standard for just about every Marvel title during the '00s and more recently the Dr. Who television series.

I'm not longing back for the boy/girl scouts approach of the 1960s (when villains actually described themselves as the forces of evil, opposing the forces of good and when Hulk and Avengers' sidekick Rick Jones was basically a character out of the 'Archie' comics), but action and adventure fiction could do with a little more optimism.
Or at least the impression that the antagonists actually have moral standards, for a change.
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