Live action Voltron movie news

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Live action Voltron movie news was created by Supervisor-194

Check this out and let me know what you think...
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Replied by Peter Young on topic Live action Voltron movie news

Never saw Voltron (not broadcasted in my country), so it's hard to judge.

So far, Hollywood attempts to turn anime or manga into movies were no success. 'Pacific Rim', 'Avatar - the last air bender' (ok, one could question wether that was anime or nor) and even a Dragon Ball movie with James Masters (Spike from 'Buffy') were no hits, same with Crying Freeman live acion movie in the 90s.

Maybe... but this is just my theory, hard to prove... the medium really IS the message. A story that works as a comic may not necessarily work as a novel or vice versa. What would work as a tv sderies might not work as a movie and the other way around. Stories for anime and manga are by definition cartoon or comic stories.

As a anime fan friend of mine explained to me: the great anime mobie makers, both retirerd now (don't ask me there names) never made ANIME. They just wanted to make animated movies. Yet later animators used the way they work as bluprints, thus creating 'anime'.
Apart from the differences in culture between Japan and the West: anime became so much a genre in its own right, that fans will never like a movie adaption as much as the original, while the movie makers will try too much to keep the original feeling to make it work as live action.

Perhaps the Jpanese should make the movies themselves, so Americans can edit it later to Western audiences? Worked for Power Rangers ;)
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