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Fan fiction: Invid Lullaby was created by Peter Young

Within Robotech, I prefer Macross Saga and The Masters over New Generation. The first two stories have an optimistic tone: humanity fights back, but is also willing to make peace. The third story is too dark for me. Humanity seems divided between fighting or submission - hope is a forgotten thing from the past.
With Sentinels descending from the first two stories and Shadow Chronicles inspired mainly from the third one, I prefer Sentinels over Shadow Chronicles.

This lengthy introduction was to explain why I haven't watched all episodes of New Generation yet - I am not that interested. So I am unaware of any differences between #85 and the beginning of Shadow Chronicles.

But I definitely prefer this fan fiction story over Shadow Chronicles:

Especially because after this story, a whole lot of future stories are still possible - without having a FOURTH alien race invading Earth.
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Replied by Alpha Bravo on topic Fan fiction: Invid Lullaby

I'm at a weeklong Memorial Day Nerdfest but I will bookmark this to read when I get home and nobody's looking
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