Left 4 Dead 2 Downloadable content "The Passing"

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Left 4 Dead 2 Downloadable content "The Passing" was created by LadyGrimes

Valve actually surprised me when they came out with this campaign which is supposed to take place between Dead Center & Dark Carnival. You actually meet up with the original survivors of L4D1 sans Bill who apparently didn't make it.

Anyways once I found out about this new campaign, I was eager to check it out, though disappointed they decided to off Bill, however I was happy he died sacrificing himself for the others instead of just dying for the hell of it.

Now for the gameplay (xbox mind you) The passing was fun and kind of different. It had a lot of new different models for the infected, such as biker zombies *thumbs up* There's also a new uncommon infected called "The Fallen Survivor" no it's not Bill thankfully lol but anyways when you kill this new zombie, he drops a bunch of valuable crap such as health packs, guns, pipebombs and all that jazz. There's also something else new... an actual chest full of pipebombs talk about heaven huh? And most of these are located inside buildings.

There's only two maps for it, and they can be kind of confusing when you first play. When I first started, I didn't have a damn clue which way to go, though if you're in the right path, the characters will let you know.
I'm not going to go into detail, describing the levels, instead I'll just talk about the finale.

It's okay, nothing WOW this is awesome, or BOO this is shitty. I'd say it's mediocre. For the finale you have to fill up a generator to lower a bridge, so you can get the car across to "Dark Carnival". sounds easy right? Yes for the most part it is, because there is a shit load of the gas cans scattered throughout the map. It's easier done when played with friends, but me I played with bots so I was the only one picking up the gas cans, and you can't fire your weapon while holding the cans at the same time, so I was pretty much bashing and killing everything with the gas can on the way to the generator.

anyways you also have the support from Francis, Louis, & Zoey.
they're hanging out on a balcony covering your ass (helpful when the tanks spawn)
So after you've collected 10 gas cans and activated this generator, they lower the bridge for you and that's the end.
Nothing special really, though the character interaction can be quite lulzy depending on who you play as.

So if any L4D fans haven't heard of this update and want to check it out, be my guest.
OR if you have played it as well and would like to give your input, that is also welcomed.

xbox live gamertag = Space Gyaos in case anyone wants to play with me sometime ;)

Thank you @AB for my adorable new avatar! <3
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