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AirMech was created by Thoth-Amon

I just seen this game because the music is done by Front Line Assembly. The transforming jets remind me of something...I can't put my finger on it ;)
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Replied by Tasuke on topic Re: AirMech

i love this game. it is, quite literally, the long overdue sequel,
-in all but name- to the 1989 TECNO SOFT developed
a game i have owned, along with my very first ever VG console, since the game's U.S. debut in 1990.

long indeed have i awaited a ZWEI sequel,
and with the original Japanese Dev studio, TECNO SOFT, long defunct since the early 2000's,
i had assumed it would never happen. then, lo and behold,
indie game studio CARBON GAMES comes to my rescue with AIRMECH
just a couple years ago now.

sure, i would have personally preferred CARBON
to have went with something like "HERZOG DREI"
the name TECNO SOFT had for their own
actually planned but never realized ZWEI sequel
before the Japanese VG Dev studio's untimely demise,
but "AIRMECH" it is, and it gets everything right
i could possibly ask it to, besides the generic sounding (IMO) name,
and that is all i think i could ever realistically ask for
in a spiritual sequel to a game
that damned near got lost to the passage of time.

indeed, thank you CARBON, form the bottom of my heart. long live AIRMECH!! :)
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