Influence About The Oversized Crushed Material To Crusher Parts

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Influence About The Oversized Crushed Material To Crusher Parts was created by Chris Pineson

When a crusher crushes ore, each type of crusher has a fixed feed opening width, feed force range, and the type of ore that can be crushed. What happens to crusher parts when crushed ore and other materials are too large? How about impact? Let's talk crusher parts wholesalers and crusher manufacturers. Generally, too large a feed stone will cause the material to stick to the crusher, further increasing wear on the crusher parts .

The size of the feed opening of each type of crusher is specified in such a way that the size of the fed particles is clearly indicated. If the power supply is too large, it will cause a blocking phenomenon. Jamming material in the feed opening leads to problems such as material accumulation and poor production efficiency. In addition, the crusher of the crusher does not stop rotating during the stagnation period, the crusher and the crushing roll come into contact with less material per unit time, and the wear of the wear parts of the same material is accelerated by direct contact.

Large stones fall into the crusher. The larger the particle size of the material, the more difficult it is to grind with the same quality, and the more serious the damage to crusher parts and other wear parts. Excessive stones increase the work of the crusher, which leads to rapid fatigue of the machine and further increases the frequency of equipment failures.

With the same productivity and intensity of work, too coarse a grain size will shorten the life of the crusher parts and significantly reduce the life of the equipment.
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