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Silent Hill games (and movie) fans here? was created by Pizza-the-Hutt

Anyone want to shoot the breeze about Silent Hill games and movie here?

I will start and say which ones I liked and ones I had a hard time liking:
Silent Hill-Spooky all the way and nice side stories if you explore for the good ending
Silent Hill 2-Just plain creepy and Pyramid Head is awesome!
Silent Hill Homecoming-Go ahead and laugh,I liked this one,I almost beat it until my Ps3 crashed and sent it back to get replaced but lost all memory.Well the story was well so far until I got to the part where Pyramid Head cut his father in two.

Silent Hill 4:The Room-Nice story and well balance of weapons.

Hard time liking:
Silent Hill Origens-Hard to grasp that sledge hammers and crowbars shatter after hitting a few monsters but your fists never shatter.

Silent Hill 3- Good story and balanced weapons (best was the Beam Saber) but never could grasp the idea of Dalia having a second daughter.

I loved the movie but hated that they changed the snow with ashes and killed officer Cybil Bennett.

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