Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 rank 7/10

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 rank 7/10 was created by Pizza-the-Hutt

Well I got the game a couple days ago when it released and a day later I got the Juggernaut code and the game play and powers set up is okay.

The story kind of sucked tho because the last boss battle was no one special we were all expecting.That is why I heard it was last ranked 7/10.I sure cannot wait to start online with friends to see if it is worth keeping.

I doubt there will be a Marvel UA 3 since Disney took over Marvel,,If they did the game would be like Kingdom Hearts and I can imagin Peter Pan flying around taunting Dead Pool and Magneto taking on Ursula and Sinistar messing with Ariel.

And Wolverine teaming up with Bambi!

I did not want to add spoilers,But for some reason Juggernaut is stronger than Hulk and Thing.

Sux they did not put in Cyclops or Magneto in the game,since the game is based on Marvel:Civil war crises.It was fun turning on Iron Man and Mr.Fantastic and rebel against the "Registration act".

Venom is finally a decent looking charecter,too bad no longer on Brock tho.

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