Comico Macross Saga #1...?

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Comico Macross Saga #1...? was created by Thoth-Amon

Does anyone know what the print run was on this comic? I collect many things most of all is comic books. I have a huge collection of reference books on comics. Every Reference book I have says "low print run" or "scarce". Capital city distributors ordered 4825 copies of #2 in 1985, 10,400 copies of #8 in 1986 and only 4000 of #36 in 1989. No info on #1...I got this information from the Standard Catalog of Comic Books and Overstreet. I know that my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 only had 3000 copies made(first print) and that GI JOE #21 had 183,466 copies printed but how many where made of the Comico Macross #1...?
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Replied by robotechdave75 on topic Re: Comico Macross Saga #1...?

I have the answer to this!

From the book, “Watching anime, reading manga: 25 years of essays and reviews By Fred Patten: Carl Macek: “Macross, the first issue of the Robotech comic book, sold its entire print run of 55,000 copies the same month that it came out. That beats anything else Comico has ever published. The second issue was increased to 65,000 copies, and I think it also sold out within a month, or slightly over. The first issue may have sold well just because it was a first issue, but people wouldn’t have bought the second issue if they hadn’t enjoyed the first. We expect print runs and circulations to increase to 100,000 copies an issue by the end of summer. When we get three Robotech titles on sale simultaneously, the combined sales of the three should reach 250,000 copies a month.” (pages 312-313).
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