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Replied by SIGHUP on topic To Sighup and MEMO - RobotechX recruitment

neuronphaser wrote: Sadly, I missed ProtocultureCon, but what was the presence like there? I mean, both fans (I saw some photos and it looked a little on the smaller side), but also RTX folks plugging this site? What was HG's response to RTX plugging this site?

As I've been working on the Robotech Wiki, I'm trying to figure out new ways to engage people looking for Robotech info. A wiki's not a great communication device, though, just an encyclopedia, and that's fine. RTX is really the place that's most active (outside of the RPGs), so what can we leverage to get the word out and get the people talking?

I'm still working my way through other parts of this site myself, so maybe that's already being answered in droves, but just figured I'd revive the topic and see if there's new ideas ;-)

Great work on the Wiki site. We'll link to you. The main method of engagement is obviously the forums. There is just only so much to talk about in regards to Robotech. For a lot is nostalgia. And that only goes so far. Lack of new material is what is not driving the fan base.

Keep up the good work.

Slight clarification as far as HG goes on RTX. I forgot to mention that after every San Diego Comic Con Robotech Industry Panel. They do tell fans at the end of the presentation to come check out our fan table.
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