Recent RT Purchase.

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Recent RT Purchase. was created by Adonael

Its a 1/100 VF-1A with Ben Dixon.

Whats a little joke between friends?

Im pretty happy with the figure overall. Transformations are pretty easy and smooth. The figure itself is very well detailed and the box artwork is beautiful. Only issue is there will be a little paint chipping from transforming the figure due to the tab and slot method used to keep the figure solid in jet form.

i would post more pictures but the forum seems to get angry at me.

(History of that gundam picture is the fact my best friend is a bigger fan of gundam than RT, we always tease one another about this on a friendly level.)
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Replied by Alpha Bravo on topic Recent RT Purchase.

I have the set of Rick, Max, and Miriya, plus Super Armor. They're neat for their size, the amount of detail is great, but the friction joints which hold the arms and legs together will eventually crack and loosen up a bit. I had to glue Miriya's chest permanently into place, preventing transformation, since the hinge that holds it up broke completely off.

I'd like to buy more, but they're getting ridiculously expensive for what amounts to in my educated opinion 5 cents worth of LDPE (plastic, the crappy kind).

Also, the "stand" won't hold them up in Fighter Mode with the Super Armor installed.
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