I am bored so I figured I would jot some stuff down here i'm sure no one would be interested in.

How did i find Robotech?:back in the late 80's when we all still actually went down to the video rental store and rent TAPES they had Robotech on VHS and we rented it. I was little and loved it. Parents copied the first two episodes for me and for the next decade and a half thoes were the only Robotech i had. But i was still obsessesd. Sad I know.

I spent some time in the Navy where i got to go to japan and get some great models of the VF-1. Finally got to buy the Series on DVD before i got out. On Robotech.com My name is CWIS1. Originally it was CIWS that stands for Close In Wepons System in the Navy. But due to security issues with my original profile (my ex was messing with my account). i had to reregister with CWIS1 instead. LOL.

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