"We're just working on the script right now"

Chuck Roven interview on Scream 2008 AwardsNews on the upcoming ROBOTECH Live-Action Movie is like drinking a thick milk shake through a straw the size of a coffee stirrer. But thanks to a Chuck Roven interview by IESB.net at the Scream 2008 Awards, we sip a bit of that tasty shake!

In the interview he answers some of the immediate questions fans have about the movie. Click on the read more link to see the interview and to find out if Tobey McGuire will be playing the lead role!

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"It is film that has a certain kind of legacy for this audience here anyway, which is ROBOTECH."

Is Tobey in the lead? "Right now Tobey is just a producer like myself and Akiva." There you have it. Straight from Charles "Chuck" Roven, as of now Tobey McGuire is not in the lead role, only producing the ROBOTECH Live-Action Movie along with Chuck Roven and Akiva Goldsman.

The interviewer mentions that one of the great things about ROBOTECH is that it takes place on Earth which Roven replies, "Sort of, we all know the trigger mechanism is an attack on earth." Without reading too much into this, we can expect the RLAM to probably take place not on Earth but some place else. You can speculate all you want, but we'll leave the hair pulling session for another time. However Roven is  hopeful that RLAM will start shooting next year.

At the very least, Roven seems to understand how important ROBOTECH is to its fans as he says, "It is a film that has a certain kind of legacy for this audience here anyway, which is ROBOTECH." Most of us have already seen Chuck Roven's work in BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT. Innovative while staying true to its origins, we can only hope and most likely expect the same of the RLAM.

Finally the interviewer asks if the movie will stay original to the series, Roven replies, "I can't tell you that honestly, I mean certainly we are going to take some inspiration from all that because we want to make sure that you know from whence the roots came from. But I can't really tell you right now, we haven't even started production design, we're just working on the script right now." We could go on and on about what may or may not be in the movie, but once again we will save the hairs since its way to early to forecast anything.

What we do know!

-Tobey McGuire as of now is not in the lead role, only producing the RLAM.
-Only the script is being worked on.