RIP Jesus Barrero (1958-2016)


Jesus Barrero with Victor Covarrubias @ SDCC 2008 RTX Fan Table

The number one Latin American voice actor Jesus Barrero passed away on February 16, 2016 after complications of lung cancer at just 57 years young. Many of us who watched Robotech in Spanish as kids grew up with him as the voice of Rick Hunter. We at RobotechX had the distinct honor to have him as a guest at our first San Diego Comic Con RobotechX Fan Table in 2008. Thank you for making a part of my childhood memorable, you will be missed!


February 19, 2016

The voice acting world suffered a major loss this morning as Jesús Barrero, the voice actor of Rick Hunter and Scott Bernard in the Spanish version of Robotech, passed away after battling with cancer.

Born in 1958, José de Jesús Barrero Andrade started his acting career at the early age of 9, and voice acting at the age of 13, where he became the “golden voice” of film and television in Latin America. Besides his leading roles in Robotech, Barrero also voiced Seiya in Saint Seiya, Koji Kabuto in Mazinger Z, Keith in Voltron, the title character of Osmosis Jones, Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove and and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Barrero was a cherished friend and collaborator with Harmony Gold, as he worked with us on Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and Robotech: Love Live Alive. Barrero not only reprised his acting roles as Scott Bernard and Rick Hunter, but also produced the Spanish language tracks for these films at his own studio CB Audio, which he co-founded with fellow voice actor Victor Covarrubias.

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Tribute to Jesus Barrero by Doblaje MLP Latino