Matchbox Robotech SDF-1 Prices March 2015

Has anyone noticed the latest prices for a vintage Matchbox SDF-1 toy on eBay lately? Once in a while I will do a quick search with the hopes of finding a good deal on one. Last year I remember the toys going for around $100-$150 bucks a pop. Recently the prices have skyrocketed in some cases more than 600%. That's just madness! Obviously people are trying to profit from Sony's acquisition of the Robotech movie rights.

Granted the sample size is very small and I doubt anyone -- at least I hope so -- would pay those exorbitantly high prices. One thing is for sure, with the hopeful future of Robotech these days, toys are going to be even more difficult to come by. If you've never seen an SDF-1 in action, we have linked a YouTube video by SuperToyTime.