Roast of Sir Richard Epcar

This is an Anime Convention (PMX Anime Convention) and during Night #1 we will have a Roast of Richard Epcar...Various VAs will be in attendance to Roast the Great Voice Actor! 

Roast of Sir Richard Epcar

This is an Anime Convention and during Night #1 we will have a Roast of Richard Epcar...Various VAs will be in attendance to Roast the Great Voice Actor!

TimeFriday, November 11 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

LocationPMX Anime Convention @ LAX Hilton5711 W. Century Blvd


Join us Friday night for 3 hours of offbeat and uncensored fun, with a raging pack of veteran voice actors and a cash bar on hand to loosen things up. Members of the voiceover (VO) community will also be in attendance, to watch and mingle and maybe even get involved. Audience participation is encouraged!

Due to mature content and limited seating, adult-verified wristbands will be required from 8pm-10pm, and Roast tickets will be required from 9pm-10pm. There is no additional charge for these events, instead we ask that attendees consider donating to the Roastee's Charity when reserving their Roast tickets online with event ticket registration.

If you are only interested in this event and not the convention, you can designate your PMX badge as a Roast-only badge to be picked up at the Security Station next to the Cash Bar in the hallway outside our room. To choose this option, enter "WILL CALL" for Address Line 1 on your registration form instead of a street address. You will receive an email confirmation if you gave an email address, but not a registration postcard and your badge will NOT be available to pick up at PMX Registration.

When Harmony Gold gets back from Long Beach Comic Con, look for our posting on for a coupon code that reduces the price of a Friday-only Badge to $15. Register a group of 5 or more together online and your per person cost drops to $11! To take advantage of this, register online at any time but don't pay yet. Once you have reserved your Roast tickets, you can pay for everything all at once from event ticket registration. Online reservations for Roast Tickets will open on Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 8 PM.

7:00pm: panel — Presented by Harmony Gold
7:30pm: Q&A & Voice Actor Autographs — Hosted by Harmony Gold
8:00pm: Anime Nightclub / Voice Actors Uncensored (18+) — Hosted by Bryan Dowdle (Lancer)

Something of a cross between a "Cabaret" event at a Science Fiction convention and a "Career Retrospective" panel of veteran voice actors, this panel is ultimately what our fans and voice actors want it to be. Very loosely based on a typical Q&A panel, rambling on the part of our (hopefully well lubricated by this point) panelists will be tolerated, nay, it will be encouraged.

9:00pm: PMX Charity Roast of Sir Richard Epcar (18+) — Facebook Event Page

In the tradition of the classic Dean Martin roasts, PMX has invited the Anime voice actor community to barbecue one of their own -- although if you do actually smell something burning, it might be the aftermath of the Asian Food Challenge down the hall.

Mr. Epcar's choice of charity will be announced soon.

About Richard Epcar

RICHARD EPCAR- one of the hardest working men in show business- has voiced over 300 characters and is well known to Animation, Game and Anime fans starting with ‘ROBOTECH’. He is ‘BATOU’ in ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’ and he’s in a new series from Nickelodeon, ‘AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA’.


Some of you know him from ‘BLEACH’, ‘BOBOBO’, ‘X-MEN’, ‘MACROSS PLUS’, ‘THE NEW SPEED RACER’, ‘RUROUNI KENSHIN’, ‘LUPIN the THIRD’, ‘DIGIMON’, and ‘POWER RANGERS’. He is also a sought after game, animation and ADR director-directing such games as ‘STAR OCEAN’, ‘BLUE DRAGON’, ‘UNREAL TOURNEMENT’, ‘SMACKDOWN VS. RAW’, and ‘JACKASS’, to name a few. Some shows he’s directed are, ‘LUPIN THE THIRD, ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL 2’, ‘NOEIN’, ‘FIGHTING SPIRIT’, ‘ROBOTECH: SHADOW CHRONICLES’, to name a few.

On camera Richard has appeared in many films and television shows including: ‘MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN’, ‘COLUMBO’, ‘DIAGNOSIS MURDER’, ‘GUNS OF PARADISE’, ‘BEVERLY HILLS 90210’, ‘MATLOCK’, ‘CHEERS’, ‘DAYS OF OUR LIVES’, ‘GENERAL HOSPITAL’, and soon to be seen as a lead in the feature ‘BROKEN SPIRITS’. You can hear him as BUCK the big gorilla in ‘RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES’.

He’s very excited about his new audio book-‘WHITE EYES’-a DOC SAVAGE NOVEL in which he plays 40 characters and is the narrator for this fantastic pulp fiction book.