For those of you who remember me and ATLANTECH, know that it went from being a RT fan project to a whole original concept of its own. Despite the decision to make it original and remove the RT references, its still RT inspired and since Carl's passing, I've decided to dedicate it in his honor, cause at one point I hoped to finish it one day and meet him to show him what he inspired me to do. As it turned out, that just didn't happen and he will be sorely missed. However, ATLANTECH has become an even bigger dream of mine, and in fact I've been in talks with a major publisher who wants to publish the novel series, and the first novel I'm going to have finished and published by Fall, no later than that.  In the meantime I am still doing the web comic and its been updated a lot since the last time I posted my material here. Also there have been a lot of new paintings, and other artwork as well.

Soon enough my series will be published world wide, and then I'll have an even bigger journey on my hands. I'm confident enough to go out there and do it, and give it all I've got. Dreams don't come easy, you have to work hard at them, and I've found this out for myself, even the hard way.  Life can sometimes interfere, but no matter what you can always dist yourself off and get back on it. That's what its been like for me.  For those of you that have even missed seeing my stuff, fear not, it's still around and can be found on the website
here. From there you can access everything else including the official face book page. Tons of updates and lots of news to come!

ATLANTECH is going to be official baby!

-Lynnette J. Williams-

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