I haven't been on here in a few months, more due to insanity in my daily life then anything else. It's tough to even keep up with my Face Book page lately.

I've been keeping up with the events in Japan and yes I've already donated money in support of Japan (even though i'm beyond broke myself and risk losing my car) 


It's funny how history works. The dynamics of International relations and how nations interact. The last time Japan was a major topic of interest in the US was back during WWII. Now over 60 years later they are the hot topic again but this time it's drastically different. 

It shows the true heart of humanity when people so far away care enough to give to those in crisis even when they themselves are living on a shoe-string. The world can change, Our Grandparents harbored a hatred of each other but here we stand in the same nation and everywhere I turn i see bumper stickers and web commercials and tv ad's broadcasting messages of hope to Japan and numbers to call to donate money and supplies to them. It gives hope for more then just the rebuilding of northern Japan but of how we interact with each other as a race, the Human race.

I love Japan and have always wanted to visit, I pray for everyone over there and wish the nation a speedy recovery. 

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