Alright, so here I am. Back again and hopefully this time for good. Been a hellish three years for me but things are getting back to an even keel. I'm ditching my aviation maintenance career (can't even call it a career really) and finally going for what I want to be doing. I'm enrolled (have been so for a year now) in Academy of Art University Online. I'm going for Computer animation and Visual effects Bachelors degree. So far so good, it's awesome to get to learn to do things that allow me to be creative for a change. I've picked up some of my old projects that I never thought I would ever complete. I'm doing the RDF Officer's uniform that I had begun planning back 3 years ago, I'm doing some computer modeling of images that I did as a child. I'm planning on tapping my mother's knowledge of being a seamstress to make some costumes and such that I'd been wanting to do as well. May even sell some if I can get a handle on it. Gonna give my old 1950's Singer a work out, been in the case too long. I can't wait to see where all this goes and I'm going to be more then happy to share what I'm doing. Any encouragement I've gotten here in the past has been wonderful and it's some thing that I hope continues. The people here have always been great when it came to that little push I need to get to things. 


Also may get to build my VF-1's that I bought in Japan back in 2002 lol! Been sitting in boxes for years now. 

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