Anime Expo 2008
by Bamboo Dong, Jul 5th 2008

Panelists: Tommy Yune, Steve Yun, Kevin McKeever

Despite the early start time, the Robotech panel was very well-attended. Tommy Yune started the presentation by giving a quick overview of the franchise's history, even showing old motion capture footage from the forgotten CGI flop, Robotech 3000. He then talked about the recent Robotech revival in the last few years, with the relaunch of the series on DVD, followed by last year's movie, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles which is coming out on Blu-Ray later this year. He also covered a few other Robotech branded products, like Palladium Books' line of role playing games, and Del Rey's collection of novels.

The series will also be re-broadcast around the world. Canada's SPACE channel is airing all 85 episodes, as well as the Shadow Chronicles film. RETRO TV(Argentina and Mexico) and CANAL 13 (Paraguay) will be showing the series in Spanish in Latin America. Meanwhile, Star TV will be airing Shadow Chronicles across Asia.

As for other products, new toys and models are being made, notably a Mospeada and a VF-1. Some of the figures are still in beta, but may be ready by San Diego Comic Con.

Yune ended his presentation with some information about the proposed live-action Robotech movie. He confirmed that Warner Brothers is planning it, and that Tobey Maguire is involved. The script is beng written by Lawrence Kasdan, whose credits include Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Bodyguard. The movie is planned as a re-imagining of the Robotech universe, and will take place in the future (Is that official? ) .

During the question and answer section, Yune said that they were planning on taking Robotech: Shadow Rising, the sequel to Shadow Chronicles, in a new direction because of new opportunities brought about by the live-action movie. Although it was originally planned as a straight-to-home-video release, they are considering other media.

Souces liks:, Text in RED links from articles, text in PURPLE link from forum discussion and text in Yellow OMG!!!!!!!!!! ( I think they talking about the RLAM goes to base on The Shadow Chronicles or something )
The Chinese language editions of the Robotech comics from Wildstorm are now officially being distributed by Chinese publisher Xinhua Wenxuan Press. Xinhua Wenxuan Press recently announced the release of Wildstorm's Robotech Comics in Mainland China. The Chinese version comics will be released in TPB form, and this means the official Robotech comics first land in China.These new comics are tentatively scheduled for release in the summer.

For more Info link to: Robotech Union @ China

[ Thanks to Lobizon for the heads up! ]


Straight from Kevin McKeever on Chris Meadows' Space Station Liberty: "Shadow Rising is NOT canceled and is NOT postponed!"

This is definitely the news dedicated fans were waiting for, relief for much of the fans. The context of Kevin's "hiatus" statement was simply misinterpreted. The "hiatus" statement did not mean that the show was put on hold indefinitely, but that the animated feature was under development.

Many thanks to Chris Meadows and his Space Station Liberty podcast for hosting Kevin McKeever and Tommy Yune to clear this up.

Shadow Rising Not Postponed

Here is a short summary of Chris Meadows' Space Station Liberty podcast last week, where the definitive word came on the future of the Shadow Rising postponement fiasco. For the complete podcast visit where you can download or stream the podcast.

Read more: "Shadow Rising is NOT canceled and is NOT postponed!" - PART II

Are you ticked off about the new developments concerning the "hiatus" of Shadow Rising because Warner Brothers wants exclusive production of the Robotech Live-Action Movie? Well guess what? Tune in to Chris Meadows' Space Station Liberty podcast where he will interview Tommy Yune and Kevin McKeever on the subject. Lets see if we get some answers on this heated topic.

The scheduled interview will take place Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 10:00 PM EDT. - to listen or talk - how to dial in

Thanks to Fremen72 for posting this on the Official Robotech Website Forum.



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