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Its good to see that HG is really motivated by posting update after update on the Robotech Academy Kickstarter Project. They've added a new Lt. General awards tier due to the popularity of the Vice Admiral one. A cool $6,000 buys you a "chance to be immortalized as an anime character!" Are you going to be one of those backers?

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Robotech Academy -- Kicktraq Mini

How is the Kickstarter for ROBOTECH Academy going you ask? So far, on day 6 as of the writing of this article is $97,375 (19% funded). According to the Kickstarter tracking website Kicktraq charts. At the current rate. Fulll funding is expected to be met on the 26th day.

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[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOqibExkMg8 420x300]

San Diego Comic Con International 2011 is here yet again! Once again the organizers of RobotechX.com will set up a fan table in the Mezzanine MZ09 level. Follow the directions in the video to get to the booth. Hope to see you there!

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Here we go again! Join us once again at Comic Con! RobotechX will be representing the ROBOTECH community with our annual fan booth at this year's Comic Con 2012 in the Mezzanine level MZ-11.

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What better way to celebrate 25 years of ROBOTECH than at fan-organized event that honors the cast and crew who helped create the animated television show we all have kept in our hearts for a quarter of a century.

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