Genesis Ends . . . . Artemis Begins!

UEG Productions - Artemis

The creators of Robotech: GENESIS fan film UEG Productions, receive a cease and desist order from Harmony Gold. This spells the end of the planned web series but brings life to a new project: ARTEMIS.


UEG Productions Statement:

Sadly UEG productions has to inform the public that we are no longer able to continue producing the Genesis web series as planned.

The group received a Cease and Desist order from Harmony Gold USA (the rights holder to Robotech and all related materials), in-spite the well known non-commercial nature of Genesis. The situation at hand does not leave us with another alternative then to remove all Robotech and Macross related materials or derivations from the website. The genesis trailers and all related imagery, containing the materials in question will no longer be available.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the creation of Genesis project for the past 6 years. All the fans that supported us. And we are sorry we are not able to release it in this form.

We were already planning ahead to create our very own animation. So we are proud to announce the birth of the Artemis project. An complete original science fiction / Mecha animated feature film. Which will be unlike any other sci-fi, with its unique storyline and characters. More information on this new project will be available soon.

Thank you for your understanding.   UEG MANAGEMENT 2010

The reason HG waited until now to pull the plug via legal means on the GENESIS project is not really important. But anyone who has been paying attention throughout the years on how Harmony Gold operates will realize that fan projects that challenge derivative elements of Robotech will inevitably end up with a cease and desist order.

So what now? Apparently UEG Productions is working an entirely new project titled ARTEMIS. Stay tuned for updates.