Happy New Year 2010!

Another year is out and a new one on is in. Let us take a look at what happened in the world of Robotech in 2009. Still in the same stagnant state as far as development goes, aside from a few writers working on different drafts for the RLAM script. Shadow Rising is still in a standstill until completion of the RLAM.

RobotechX Is Growing

Here is the latest on the status of RobotechX.com. Basically, thanks to the fandom who will NOT let Robotech die! The site has seen increased usage, meaning increased CPU Server Power. Our host says we are taking up a huge chunk of the allowed shared resources and thus we HAVE to move servers. This is extremely good news, since more people have been registering and using the site.

Its been a busy week with the forum activity: moderation and people's frustration. On top of that we have the usage issue to deal with. So far our account has not been suspended. This is why we must act quickly and switch servers. You can expect some downtime in the coming days while we sort things out. Thank you for your continuted support and understanding!

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Back Online!

At long last RobotechX.com has moved to a brand-spanking new server. Why did we move? Well thanks to YOU the FANS we outgrew our shared hosting. At times the server load was so high that our account actually got suspended due to the fact that it was disrupting service to other user accounts. So RobotechX.com got moved to a temporary server while we worked out the details with our host.

As it so happens I, SIGHUP (your webadmin) am in the process of also moving, physically to a new place. So between the hectic schedule of moving my family, six-days-a-week work schedule there was barely enough time for sleep or the site. I hope you can understand that working on the site had to come second.But now things are getting back on track, if you see anything that is broken please notify us ASAP. There are bound to be bugs here and there so keep a sharp eye out.

Thank you for your continuted support and may the fandom thrive!

RobotechX Fan Booth Comic Con 2009

Comic Con LogoIt is time again for Comic Con International 2009!This means the second year for the RobotechX Fan Booth and coverage of the convention. The RobotechX Fan booth will be located on the Mezzanine level just like last year in section MZ09. Many thanks to the fans who submitted their art work to show off during the convention. Thursday night join Tommy Yune and Steven Yun as the Robotech Convention tour returns to San Diego for the Robotech Industry Panel @ 6:45pm-7:45PM PDT in room 6A. Maybe we'll clear answers to some of our questions of the RLAM. After the panel join Robotech fans at the RobotechX Fan Dinner @ Dick's Last Resort.. .
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