Welcome to RobotechX.com

Welcome ROBOTECH fans to the fan based and fan run ROBOTECHX.COM
This is our new years gift to all ROBOTECH fans.
In the next few weeks you will see the website grow as we contribute more and more content. Bear with us if some of the
links don't work. We hope to have many exciting updates in the weeks to come and make this one of the best
fan-based websites for ROBOTECH!

You may notice the four icons on the top-right hand corner and that is for you to choose your favorite saga as the website's
header. We love all ROBOTECH sagas so in order not to trim them or cram them down we let you choose which one you want.

Forums Are Open

The first stage is easy and they are the forums, they are open and we are waiting for you there.

Much more to come...

And yes, plans for a fan run robotech booth is in the works. . .

We wish you all the best with great things to come in the new year.