Sneak Peek

Peek Greetings to all Robotech fans!

Its indeed an exciting time right now for RobotechX as we are finalizing a few more updates/upgrades that you will surely enjoy! The fan based staff decided on using a different forum that will fit the needs of the website a bit better than the current forum we are using. We'll let you know in a couple of days time when you can expect the new forum to go up. We will also let you know if you will have to re-register your account with us.

As you can see, to keep you in suspense. We included "blurry" image of what the forums will look like. it will have all the functionality of the current forum plus some added extras that you will most certainly like.

That's just one of the exciting features that we are planning on having available for you the Robotech fan! Thanks again for visiting this site created by Robotech fans for Robotech fans. Stay tuned for more details. . .