What more to expect?

Hello all!

Here we are once again announcing another feature of the website. Every registered member will have the ability to post in the upcoming Fanfic/Roboblog section of the site. What is this you ask? Easy, its basically a blogging component that will have three categories to begin with. Fanfics, Roboblogs and Fan Projects.

-You will be able to upload images if you wish to attach to your Fanfics or blogs.
-Bookmarks to Facebook, del.icio.us and more.
-Easy to use no fuss editor.
-Comments system (using existing comments).

Those are just some of the features this new section of the website will have. Publishing of content will be instantaneous, no waiting for approvals. But know that if there is any unacceptable material we will remove it and take further appropriate action.

The categories should be used as follows:

Fanfics: obviously fan based fiction.
Roboblog: a blog where you write whatever you want about Robotech.
Fan Projects: feel free to post about your fan projects here.

If you think other categories should be included in this section feel free to give some input on the comments section of this article. Now if everything goes as planned, we should be able to release this new upgrade this Friday.