ROBOTECH Academy Kickstarter Update #18 -- Tony Oliver To Voice Rick Hunter

Tony Oliver - Admiral Rick Hunter

Tony Oliver -- Rick Hunter, Rick Hunter, Rick Hunter! Got your attention? Good. Check out the Good Nerd Bad Nerd exclusive HG casting interview that reveals a returning voice actor in the latest chapter of Robotech Saga, Robotech Academy. Yes fans, without a question one of the most popular characters in the Robotech universe is to return. How big of a part will he play is yet to be seen. This development is surely to fuel IP arguments across all message boards


 Tony Oliver expands a little on the storyline:

The basic premise is that as the SDF-3 leaves the Robotech expeditionary forces out to look for the Robotech Masters. The best and the brightest kids of all of these best and brightest soldiers who have been fighting this war are left behind. And they are all brought into an academy. The Robotech Academy where they have the finest education, the latest technology and the best and brightest of humanity. . . because of that they become a target. In order to save themselves they have to hijack the academy so to speak. . . using some fold technology. . . and they leave earth with the entire academy trying to find the expeditionary force. So its all about what happens and the relationships among these characters. It all takes place in the timeline of the Sentinels. 

Admiral Hunter Old and Young

Very exciting stuff indeed for Robotech fans, especially for those of the Macross Saga and Sentinels. Not only is Rick Hunter's return good news, but since Robotech Academy is set during the Sentinels timeline. We won't be looking at crusty-old Admiral Hunter from TSC, but young studly Admiral Hunter from the Sentinels. Exciting news and more reason to fund the project.