Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles

For those of you who didn't happen to catch the first run of Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comics, you can now as issues #1-5 will be available in a 128 page volume with extras at the end of May.
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Green BetaAt long last, after years of demand from fans, Toynami is proud to announce the second release in the Robotech Masterpiece Collection: The Beta Fighter!

Limited to a production run of only 10,000 pieces, the Masterpiece Beta Fighter is designed to link up with the Masterpiece Alpha Fighter. This second volume features the Green Beta Fighter only seen in the first episode of Robotech: The New Generation, with a unique head design to match the Green Alpha Fighter. Volume 4 to follow, featuring the black Shadow Beta Fighter.

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Due to numerous quality issues, Toynami has announced that they are recalling all Maia Masterpiece Shadow Fighters effective immediately.


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Masterpiece Edition Bernard As they advertise it on the ROBOTECH.COM website: "Get the toy your mom never bought you (or your kid brother broke)." At long last, the 1/10th scale Masterpiece Edition Scott Bernard Cylone is ready for pre-order and is scheduled to ship in December 2008.

A quick list of key features includes: Fully transformable, 7.5" tall Scott Bernard figure, fabric undersuit and increased articulation, 8.5" tall fully armored, removable heads (helmet/helmetless), removable hands (open/closed), plasma beam rifle and stand. 

click here to see more imagesMasterpiece Cyclone Vol.1 - Shipping December 2008

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