Steve Weese as MaxFans of the Macross Saga get ready for a fan film by none other than Steve Weese (a.k.a. Steve Racer / Max Sterling), who started a quest to land the role of Max Sterling in the upcoming Robotech Live-Action Movie.

Check it out for yourselves!

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Watch the video!Fanfilm: Max vs. Miriya by Steve Weese

MiriyaRoxor - Macross CosplayCould it really be? Are we looking at the confirmed actors and flight suit designs for the Robotech Live-Action Movie? Not quite, but it sure seems like it.

This is the sole creation of MiriyaRoxor, who put together these great costumes without patterns completely from scratch to show off at the AnimeNEXT convention.

How long did it take for her to finish the costumes you ask? What materials did she use? Find out more and view more images by clicking on the read more link.

Read more: MiriyaRoxor - Macross Cosplay

Head on over to to read an interview with Tommy Yune by Wasserbogen from Robotech Union @ China.

ATLANTECH - Vicky Petite Cola Ad

Another great work from Lynn (a.k.a. HappyPenguins) in the ongoing ATLANTECH UNIVERSE. Check out her blog under Fan Projects to see her latest works. Take into account that this is a project created and designed by HappyPenguins. Stay tuned for Chapter 4 of the series.

Altlantech Universe

Its nice to see fans take matters into their own hands and come up with wonderful new stories. In this case its: Atlantech Universe. Lynette Williams a.k.a. HappyPenguins is the creator of this new project which takes place in the year 4000 after the events of Robotech. According to her website, its a "whole new Robotech story with a different name, but with similar themes."

Of course this is a work in progress so you will have to keep checking the website for further updates over at:


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