The Destroid's Last Dance Image

Often times Robotech is widely known for known for its transforming Veritech fighters leaving the sturdy Destroid in the shadows. But not this time, thanks to Robert Elwell (a.k.a. Viper on RTX) who launched to showcase his creation.

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Atlantech RPG Book For those of you who have been enjoying Lynn (a.k.a. HappyPenguins) Williams' ATLANTECH storyline, it has just gotten better. The RPG book in collaboration with Adam Schiller is now available via Indy Planet.

With over 100 pages filled with original art. The RPG book tells you just about everything you wanted to know about the ATLANTECH UNIVERSE and its characters.

Get your copy @ IndyPlanet

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SDF-1 Test FootageHold on to your hats, helmets or whatever you may have on your head. Robotech fans, can't wait until 2010, 2011 or whatever date the Robotech Live-Action Movie is scheduled to be released? Then get ready for some Live-Action test footage by Michael C. Poole (a.k.a. THE_MASTER in the Official Robotech Forums) inspired by the upcoming movie.

In the 1m 42s clip, Michael uses a mix of live environments and a SDF-1 3D model. For now let's just say that this is the beginning of something that you'll only find out about in around say, December.

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ROBOTECHESPANOL is back online!

The fan project spearheaded by Juan Rivera was in a bit of trouble due to some financial and techical issues. Fans who prefer their flavor of ROBOTECH in spanish now have once again a site they can call home. With a re-design and exciting new content the website seems to be heading in a great direction.

From all of us at ROBOTECHX.COM we wish you good luck and nothing but the best!

Check it out:

Image by Micronian Ace - Scorched Earth ToysEver wonder what the differences between VF-1 releases are? Find out at Micronian Ace's Scorched Earth Toys. Where the latest review is a VF-1 fanatic's dream, a full-on VF-1 Toy Super Comparison Post as he calls it. 

In this review, Micronian Ace compares between the Yamato 1/60 v1-v2, Yamato 1/48, Toynami 1/100, Toynami 1/55 MPC and Bandai 1/55 Chunky variants, including images of them all so you can visually see the differences.

This is an in-depth review which covers the price, build quality and just about every possible detail you would want to know about the collectibles. You can't miss out on this great opportunity to read and see what each model is all about. Make sure to leave a comment and thank him for his dedicated work.

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