ragexanimation has been working recently on a Robotech fandom animated short for the fans. The story takes place right after Khyron's attack on the sdf-1 in the Macross saga. Not only will these heroe's of the first Robotech war defend human civilization from alien threat but will also find themselves working like they did in the past, underground arm's dealing.

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Mark Warlock's Breetai Header Image

What do you get with a little imagination, patience and a BATMAN Begins donor figure? Breetai! Mark Warlock has outdone himself again. Check out his latest custom figure creation.

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Aerofight Screen Cap

Fans are at it once again! This time thanks to Nikolay116 and Sakura Shinguji, who have been working since May 2007 on a free Robotech/Macross game project titled Aerofight: Mechas and Airplanes. According to Nikolay116, the game is a mix of arcade flight and robot simulators.

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Robotech Famfilm

In the hopes of landing a role as a veritech pilot in the pre-production Robotech Live-Action Film, Tana Sarnt produces his very own fanfilm titled "Midnight Sky."


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The Imai Files

The Imai Files are a definite treat for fans of Masters (Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross) and New Generation (Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) sagas. Presented by Roger Harkavy. the Imai Files are pre-production materials discovered by literally "stumbling" on them in a storage warehouse.

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